Suffering from Wrap Rage?

There’s light at the end of all that tape. And no, you don’t need to ask your doctor if this is right for you.

Box Opener

Open up any box with ease. No amount of tape can stop you with the Box Opener in hand.

At Slice, we know what’s important. We value safety, innovation, quality, simplicity, and community. These core values are evident in everything we do, from tool design to customer service.

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The Bundle to Open All Bundles

Box Opener, Mini Opener & Free Safety Opener

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Need a little finesse around the endless layers of packaging? The Mini Opener is small but mighty.

Mini Opener

Layers of cardboard, tape, and hard plastic containers are no match for this handy opener. Keep it right in your pocket, on a key ring or on the fridge.

Safety Opener


Say goodbye to wrestling, digging and sweating just to open a package.

Say hello to the bundle that opens all bundles.

Slice donates a minimum 1% of corporate worldwide profits to various autism research programs that have global ramifications for families and individuals that live with autism on a daily basis.

Put the scissors and keys down...

 and pick up a Slice tool. You won't regret it.